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Gadget Review: The 16GB 6-in-1 Ballpoint Pen Style USB Flash Disk by Gearbest is perfect for Executives & College Students (Discount Code)

You’ll never need another pen once you get this one.

I had the chance to check out the Multi-function 16GB 6-in-1 Ballpoint Pen Style USB Flash Disk by Gearbest and I absolutely love it.

I had a hard time getting it back from my family members but, once I did, I tested out each aspect and realized that you really don’t need another pen.

This is a great gift for an executive or a college student.

There are 6 main features:

16GB U Disk – You can take your files with you easily for a presentation or to print out. You can also save files that you’ve worked on that may be on a work computer or school computer.

UV Detector – Never worry about counterfeit money again. No, seriously. The UV detector will let you know if the bill is counterfeit. 

This is good for college kids who work in coffee shops or retail. Or if you own a store or are a vendor working at a flea market or anywhere that you're taking cash on a regular basis.

Red Laser Pointer – This is perfect for presentations. In the past I’ve had to go out and purchase last minute pointers for bosses and with this you’ll always have it handy.

LED Flashlight – This is excellent when your fiddling for your keys in the dark or for whatever reason you may need a flashlight. I know I needed one just last night and I have an app on my phone but it was off and charging so I just grabbed this pen.

Ballpoint Pen – That speaks for itself but, how many times are you looking around for a pen? If it’s as much as I do then I know you’re frustrated. Just drop this in your bag or pocket and you’re good

PDA Stylus Pen – I’ve owned so many little stylus pens and I lose them all. This is the right size and with all the other features it’s perfect. I won’t forget it and I won’t lose it.

But the best feature? THE PRICE! It’s only $11.54 w/free shipping and if you use the discount code you’ll only pay $9.90!

I personally have to buy two more for my kids because they were fighting over this one and I’m certainly not giving it up. It’s worth it at that price.

Here are some more features:
  • Ideal portable data storage for data, music, video and picture files
  • Shock and moisture resistant
  • Ball point pen with replaceable pen insert
  • Built-in laser pointer, UV detector and LED flashlight
  • Plug and play - no driver needed for Windows ME / 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Mac OS
  • Built in password protection and bootable function

You can purchase your Multi-function 16GB 6-in-1 Ballpoint Pen Style USB Flash Disk by Gearbest on their site and use Discount code GBTOUCH at checkouto bring the price down to $11.54 $9.90 w/free shipping.

$9.90 + Free Shipping with Discount Code GBTOUCH

Tech Corner: VideoGIF for Mac by Pearl Mountain - Create Animated GIFs from Videos/Movies in Minutes (GIVEAWAY)

Do you ever look at animated video gifs online and think, ‘Man, I wish I knew how to make those” or “My animated GIFs would be ten times funnier” ?

I know I have.

Or, have you ever wanted to make one quick and easy from your personal videos and pictures?

Well, now you can with VideoGIF from our friends at Pearl Mountain.

Authors Spotlight: Lies of the Forgotten By Ciera Nichele (Review + Interview)

We only get one life to live, but we spend the first half of it trying to figure out who we are. - Lies of the Forgotten

When a person has a traumatic accident that results in memory loss they lean on the people closest to them for support. They entrust their friends and family to guide them through, help them and protect them.

That is exactly the kind of support  the main character, London, from Ciera Nichele’s new book “Lies of the Forgotten” received for the eight months following her car accident, or so she thought.

With faint memories seeping through in dreams and talks with her therapist London begins to feel a sense of imbalance as if something is missing or not being said and then suddenly her world, or the world she’s come to know after the memory loss, comes crashing in with a dose of reality from her past.

London soon sets out to reclaim what she believes is her true life as she tries to make sense of what she feels is the ultimate betrayal. What she begins to learn is that what was lost and forgotten may have been for the better or was it?

Lies of the Forgotten is about trust, betrayal, love, passion, lies, lies and more lies from those closest to London and even more so from London herself.

Author, Ciera Nichele takes you on a world wind adventure through London’s past and present as London tries to figure out who is the enemy and who she should trust. 

Can she even trust herself at this point?

London’s parents play an integral role as the story goes along but are very minimally discussed. The main focus is on the relationships that have developed between London and the men in her life. 

Her ex, Kaylon, is probably the most developed character. I definitely went back and forth several times between having compassion for him and loathing him.

I recommend Lies of the Forgotten if you’re into suspense, romance and thrillers. You’ll get a nice balanced mixture of the three as Nichele’s writing style blends them in perfectly.

Lies of the Forgotten is a great story that doesn’t necessarily have a fairy tale happy ending but, you will be satisfied with the outcome. 

There are still some unanswered questions in the end and there is enough room for Nichele to possibly write a sequel.

You can purchase a copy of Lies of the Forgotten on , or Itunes.

What inspired you to become a writer?
Reading inspired me to be a writer. I have always chosen books over television. The fact that you can create your own world with the turn of a page called to me. So why note create a world for someone else to read?

Who is your favorite author?
I would have to say Sylvia Day. She has a way with words that makes the reader want more.

Describe your book in 30 words or less.
“Lies of the Forgotten” is about a girl name London who lost her memory. Throughout the story she is trying to figure out who she really is.

What are the last three books you read?
Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day – It’s a perfect mix of love, drama, and passion.

Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare - She gives the fantasy world a human face and reminds us that angels are indeed warriors.

Kidnapped the Wrong Sister by Marie Kelly - I love this story because it shows you that love doesn't always happen at first sight.

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Author Spotlight: "Grace Is Messy: Reflections on Jesus" by Steve Austin (Review + Interview)

I’m becoming more concerned with being inwardly honest, rather than outwardly polished. - from 'Grace is Messy'

Steve Austin is the blogger of the popular Christian website Grace is Messy. On the site he gives his daily reflections on his life and how they connect with his Christianity and faith in Jesus.

Actors Corner: 10 Questions with Actress Cleo Tellier

If you’re in Canada then you’ve likely seen French-Canadian Actress Cleo Tellier on popular shows like Degrassi, Virginie and 30 vies. She’s even served it up in quite a few commercials and has worked steadily in the voice industry which is a pretty niche and difficult but lucrative to get into.

Book Review: Take Up Your Bed and Walk By Maudarica Lewis

First time author Maudarica Lewis received an inspiration to do to something she’d never done before, write a play. Rather than question she set pen to paper and created what would ultimately be “Take Up Your Bed and Walk”.

GIVEAWAY: Win 2 Tickets to see One Direction in Concert + Their New Makeup Collection!

If you’re a ONE DIRECTION fan then this is your lucky week. Not only did you celebrate their one  year anniversary of 'Best Song Ever' BUT, right here on my blog we’re giving away their new makeup collection BEFORE it hits stores and now we’re giving away CONCERT TICKETS TOO!

Beauty Corner: Lovely Lashes Eyelash Curler by Izy Trends Review

I always get compliments on my eyebrows with people saying they’re perfect and I often secretly wish that I had the eyelashes to match.

It seems to me that men always tend to have the super long eyelashes and that the only way to achieve that is with fake eyelashes.

♫ Indie Spotlight: Jaye$ - 'Babe Ruth' Official Video + Interview

Oakland Rapper Jaye$ is definitely a fan of ‘90’s era west coast hip hop. You can hear the influence in his rhyme flow and self-produced beats.

His latest video “Babe Ruth” from his second ep “Light Skinned Brother 2’ is definitely raw with the lyrics especially the chorus but, it brings you back with the ol’ school beach party scenes and though Jaye$ rhyme style reflects a little of that Pac era west coast vibe it’s a dope flow that makes you want to put the song on repeat and ride out with the top down.

Film Spotlight: Interview with "Creed of Gold" Director Daniel Knudsen (DVD Release 8/12)

This story illustrates nicely that there are absolutes in the world and that God is the author of those absolutes. –

Wherever there’s money, there’s corruption so they say or at least that’s what college student Adam Smith (Taylor Lindsey) searches to find out rather innocently when he’s assigned a term paper about the United States Federal Reserve.

As he digs deeper with his research partner Kirsten (Ellen Lawrence) he ventures down a path to unmask the corruption and ultimately clear his father’s name who lost his life years before due to the corruption.

♫ Indie Spotlight: 3 Beats + 5 Questions with Producer Mad 95

I remembered how music saved me in the past and thought to myself, "I owe this to music".

Atlanta based producer Mad 95 credits his love of songwriting and the fact that he plays multiple instruments, including guitar, as part the reason he stepped into the role of producer.

Author Spotlight: "TrailBlasian: Black Women Living in East Asia" by T.K. McLennon (Interview)

When the synopsis of a book is ’17 North American Black women who packed up everything and moved to Asia’, you might instantly want to pick it up and read from cover to cover.

Canadian author T.K. McLennon thought just that when she decided to reach out to women who had done just that as she set out to write her new book ‘TrailBlasian: Black Women Living in EastAsia’.

Giveaway: Win Limited Edition Make-up by ONE DIRECTION before it's available to the public!

Where are all my One Direction fans? Did you know that they’re releasing a new makeup line?

If you follow Niall Horan on twitter then of course you do:

♫ Indie Spotlight: Torrey Mercer Shares New Video "I Believe In Me" & Talks About Her Anti-Bullying Foundation (Interview)

Now I Believe in Me
It's taken time to build me up
But it's my will that keeps me strong

Independent pop singer Torrey Mercer is already making a name for herself on the music seen winning Best Teen Artist and Inspirational Artist of the Year at the 3rd Annual Artists In Music Awards this past February and Best Inspirational Singer in 2009 “Hollywood’s Best New Talent”.