Robert Delong Show @ Rough Trade in Brooklyn


Interview w/DJ Clark Kent

Eric Trump Foundation Hosts Event to Benefit St. Jude Childrens Hospital

Donald Trump, Josh Cheban plus more celebrities supported the amazing event.


Interview w/DJ Clark Kent


Get the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Interview with Cynthia and Peter from RHOA(Video)

Cynthia and Peter talk about their new book and share the elements of a successful marriage.

Health & Fitness: BODYARMOR Sports Drinks Add Flavor to Your Workouts (Discount Coupon)

Let’s talk about beverages that we drink while we’re working out. Specifically sports drinks. I know often they say water, water and more water but, in reality I like a little flavor and tend to enjoy a sports drink after a workout because they’re refreshing and also because the flavor is like an added treat.

Vanabode : Learn To Travel on Just $20 a Day (Review)

How often do you say, “I need a vacation!” I personally said it just the other day as I looked at pictures my friend was sending me from the carnival in his homeland of Trinidad. It was 5 degrees here in New York City as I looked at those pictures. But, then I looked at my bank account and realized an impromptu get away vacation is not in my budget.

Home & Garden: Francois et Mimi Hammock Two-Tier Fruit Bowl Review

Let’s talk about fruit bowls and bananas. Yes, fruit bowls and bananas. Remember growing up, your mom had that big clear plastic fruit bowl that had the raised fruit designs around it. You know what I’m talking about. If your mom didn’t have one then your aunty or grandma had one.

It seemed like every house I went to had one of those fruit bowls and they were cool and I guess the in thing at the time but, what about the bananas? Where did they go? They always seemed to sit so awkwardly at the top or we would separate them and try to strategically arrange them around the outside. They’d still fall off and no matter how hard you tried it they still looked like they were just plopped on top with nowhere else to go.

That’s why I’m so happy that Francois et Mimi created not only a beautiful looking fruit bowl but, one that takes the banana into consideration.

The Francois et Mimi Hammock Two-Tier Fruit Bowl is made of iron and I love it. I think it would make a great wedding or housewarming gift or that new table center piece to accent your next dinner party. It’s also compact enough to fit on a kitchen counter even in a small apartment. Height wise it’s approximately 14”.

This is one of those pieces that if you walk into a store or into someone’s house and see it, you’ll want to have it even if you don’t eat fruit. 

The two-tier hammock design makes it look like an elegant piece of art by itself and when you add the fruits it makes any kitchen look like something out of a high-end home decor magazine but without the high-end price since it’s only $24.99.

The basics:
Made of Iron
Two-Tier to hold more fruit
Made to last
Comes in beautiful gift box
Efficient Storage for Fruits and Vegetables
Small Footprint for More Counter-Top Space

You can purchase your Francois et Mimi HammockTwo-Tier Fruit Bowl conveniently on
I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Beauty Corner: Glow 2 Go Self-Tanning Towelettes Review

Do you use sunless tanners? I’ve never used one for many reasons for a few reasons:


R&B is my weakness when it comes to music for romance and all things Valentine’s Day. Enjoy this lovely playlist with R&B artists from Sony Red. Slow dance with someone you love this weekend.


No one believes more in the power of applicable education and freedom of male expression than Head Coach Pirooz Sarshar, Founder of and PRZMAN.

With 20+ years of experience, Sarshar has been shaping the men’s grooming industry since 1999. An expert barber and stylist, Sarshar has served as the grooming authority for countless publications like GQ, Complex and Men’s Health.

Today he’s going to give the fellas some simple grooming tips for Valentine’s Day so you smell good and look good for the ladies. We greatly thank Sarshar for taking the time.

In addition to that PRZMAN is extending a 15% discount to my readers on their grooming line.. This code expires on March 15, 2015.

ThePRZMAN grooming line is a reflection of Sarshar and his mission to help dudes easily achieve well-groomed status.

ENTER CODE INLOVE15 at checkout

….and now on to the grooming tips.

1. Manscape if needed
But how you ask? Well, first get naked and look in the mirror. Really look. See what she sees. Look at your chest hair, your back, your hairy f*cking balls. Groom your chest hair, and while you’re at it, take a whack at trimming below the belt, too.

2. Get your brows did, dude
Is that a furry caterpillar? Or your unibrow? You’d be surprised how shaping your brows can create a desirable contour to the face. At the very least, remove the hair connecting the brows. If a wax is unfathomable, invest in a pair of tweezers and DIY.

3. Check your hairstyle
Talk to your barber or stylist one week before your V-day date. Ask them how they feel about your current look, what they would like to see, how your features could be better highlighted with a new cut. If they can’t answer these basic questions then get another stylist. Fast.

4. Smell sweet
So you’ve been wearing Acqua di Gio since the 90s. Hey, it’s OK, it’s a classic. But as you’ve grown into a man, your body smells differently. Fragrances are meant to mix and match our own scent. Make a day out of it and visit the men’s fragrance counter at a department store, bring a woman to confirm and make a purchase.

5. Hands and feet
Get a manicure and a pedicure. Trust me, you’ll feel great afterwards. You can also DIY in just a few minutes and the results last for a week or two. And don’t forget to wear hand lotion on the night of the date.

6. New threads
Just like a fresh cut, some new clothes are guaranteed to make you stand taller and walk with more confidence. Hate shopping? Head to your favorite store and ask the sales rep to figure it out for you. It’s why they are there, no?

7. Get your mind right

The right state of mind means you’ll have a good time. Once you’ve made plans with your lover, start visualizing how you want the night to unfold. Take 1 min each day in preparation and use that powerful imagination of yours to see (in your mind) everything you want to happen, happening. It works.

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Valentines Gift Guide 2015

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone or it will be a happy one for you and your loved ones if you get them one of the goodies featured here in our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.

I always like to pick unique gifts and I think all of these gift ideas will add a bit of a creative twist to this day of love.

I’m a pushover for love and romance so this was fun to do. There always seems to be a debate amongst my friends as to whether or not they celebrate Valentine’s Day. Me, personally, I love to celebrate.

Of course you should show your love on a regular basis but, Valentine’s Day is when you can show that ‘corny’ love. It’s fun and cheeky and full of hearts and flowers and syrupy sweet love.

There's something for everyone. For him, for her, for the kids and even for yourself if you are celebrating solo.

I read the original Five Love Languages and took the test. I was mostly the type of person that needs to be loved on an 'Actions Speak Louder Than Words' basis. That's really good to know because it helped me really focus on being with guys that were action oriented.

This book is for the fellas. Men definitely process things differently so, it makes sense to delve into the love languages for men. I've started to read the book for a review and instantly knew it would perfect for Valentine's Day.

Description: At the heart of every man is a desire to master what matters. Getting a compliment at work or on the court is nice, but nothing beats hearing your spouse say, “You make me feel loved.” If you haven’t heard that in a while or feel like you are not bringing your A-game into your relationship, this books is for you. Facebook|Twitter 

Speaking of actions, one of my favorite days this past summer was spent simply cooking with someone and talking. Nothing more. The simple things in life always bring the most pleasure which is why I thought would be a great gift.

You can have all the ingredients for your romantic dinner shipped to you. You can even make the dinner together. A weekly box of fresh and seasonal ingredients, pre-portioned, starting at $12 per plate. You can purchase gift certificates but it’s sexier if you buy it and cook it fellas. Wink. Facebook|Twitter 

Pre-mixed drinks make life so much easier and better especially when there is liquor in them. These are great for a group party, singles party or that intimate dinner you ordered from plated. They come in 5 different flavors: Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Screwdriver, Lemon Drop, Gin & Tonic and are available at your local wine & liquor store. 

They are about $2.99 each which absolutely beats paying for it at a bar and completely eliminates the chore of at home bartending. The Lemon Drop is delicious. Facebook|Twitter 

This is one of the coolest things ever. I originally was going to do a vlog for this gift guide just to be able to show you the awesomeness of this cube but, time got the best of me. I still might have to do a youtube demonstration.

You can keep those Instagram memories alive and on your desk instead of through the app on your phone. The cube connects to your Instagram page and flashes photos of your feed for you to enjoy. There is even a button on the top for you to ‘favorite’ pictures as you see them just like on the app. The come in black, white and as the Instagram logo. website

This is a more traditional way to store and share memories. I absolutely love everything about this gift. It's actually my favorite gift on the guide because it's so sentimental and it's something that would touch my heart deeply if I received it as a gift.

The journal tracks 30 anniversaries. You fill it with photos, stories and milestones. It’s a wonderful way to look back and see your life through the years and you can even share it with your children and grandchildren as they get older. Facebook|Twitter

I came across this line while visiting the NY Now Convention at Jacob Javit’s Center here in NYC and instantly fell in love. The pieces are all hand made by men and women in Brasil through an initiative that allows for them to make an honest living with livable wages. They are recycled can tabs crocheted together to make amazing bags, jewelry and belts. The samples I have are a Greta Crochet Shoulder Bag, a guitar strap and a Cleo necklace. You have to really see these pieces in person to appreaciate the artistry.


Speaking of handmade, these candles are hand poured soy wax. What makes them unique is that the holders are made from repurposed wine bottles. They burn for 80 hours and come in different wine flavors like Merlot and Cabernet. 

A portion of the proceeds are donated to animal rescue groups which is great. I also encountered this company at NY Now. They were kind enough to give me a sample for my VDay gift guide and it smells so delicious. 

Living in Brooklyn, I see a lot of guys walking around with massive beards and handle bar mustaches. If that's your guy then this is for them or just for the guy who has a basic goatee (which is my favorite). These make nice grooming kit gifts. They are made from all natural ingredients like shea butter, beeswax, avacado oil, almond oil, mango butter and just everything that will make that lucious beard feel and smell like heaven. They come in these amazing little burlap sacks which makes a great gift presentation that looks expensive but, isn't.

This one is for the ladies. I’m not much of a chocolate fan but, as my aunt said, ‘You can’t have a Valentine Gift Guide without chocolate’. So, I compromised. This delicious face mask is made of cocoa and is a nice little treat and twist on the basic ‘chocolate for Vday’. I think this would make a cute gift because, like I said, I prefer unique and clever.

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SinfulColors Flirt With Hearts : Valentine’s Nail Polish
I’m a fan of Sinful nail polishes. I featured them on my Holiday Gift Guide. This time around they have SinfulColors in fresh reds, pinks and blues for that special day. They even have a clear polish called “Love Sprinkles’ that has white heart flecks. It’s so adorable. Seriously, you need to get that SinfulColors Love Sprinkles. 

I'm going to get my nails done for Valentine's Day so I'll post up on Instagram with the Sprinkles to show you how cool they look but, you might want to go get it now for your girl. They are only  $1.99 each at Walgreens, Rite Aid and other mass retailer. facebook|twitter                                                

Goody Good Stuff: Gummy Koala's and Sour Fruits
This is great for the kids. Actually, it took everything in my power to not eat all of the samples I received in one sitting. They're healthy though so, that's okay. Now back to the kids.

I always get my kids a Valentine Gift. It’s a tradition I took from my mom. These Goody Good Stuff gummy koala bears are healthy, gluton free and very irresistible like I said. You might want to get enough for your kids and for yourself too because, trust me, it will be hard to resist the urge to indulge.

They are a great alternative to chocolate or basic candy and they taste delicious.

Goody Good Stuff is an all-new natural gummy candy range that is made with a plant derived bio-gum technology, which eliminates the need for animal-based gelatine, which most traditional gummy sweets use.facebook|twitter

Boxers briefs are always a sexy gift. ALWAYS. I love a man in boxer briefs and I love to wear his boxer briefs around the house just to lounge. 

These SOS boxers by Bernard Buie are unisex so you can get it for your guy and fellas you can get them for your girl. 

What makes these boxers unique is that they come with a hidden compartment that holds a condom that is included so you are always prepared. Because you know and I know and more importantly Bernard Buie knows that when you're down to your boxers it's so 'bout to go down'. They've got your back and your front. Facebook|Twitter 

Ah Ring - $350
Ladies, ladies so you don’t have a Valentine? That’s okay. You can treat yourself with the Ah ring. Ah stands for (A)vailable and (H)appy. It’s okay to splurge on the person you love the most, YOU. The Ah ring is made with eleven diamonds set in 14karat white gold and fits on  your pinky. 

The funny thing is that I've always said that I would get myself a tennis bracelet if I was single on Valentine's Day but, they're kind of pricey. This is more subtle and such a great price. I think if that lady who did the whole wedding for herself had heard of the Ah Ring she would have saved herself a lot of trouble, money and would have been happy and available with a gorgeous ring. – 10% off and free shipping with code: Zoomy
I have to include flowers because no matter what, people are always going to want to get flowers and zoom flowers is giving  my readers a great deal with 10% off and free shipping when you use code Zoomy and they will be delivered and Valentine’s Day. Feel free to get me some pink roses if you feel so inclined, I do not mind.

Happy Valentines Day everyone. Enjoy.

I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” 

'Resurrect' Anti Aging Moisturizer Matrixyl 3000® Review

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Health Corner : Bulu Box Subscription Review

Everybody loves these Bulu Boxes. I’m always hearing about someone excited to be getting theirs in the mail. When I mentioned that I was getting one for review a fellow blogger said I was so lucky.

Book Review: Sacred Space, mind body soul after Sexual Abuse by Jan Porter

Sexual abuse or any type of abuse is a difficult subject. Most people don’t want to talk about it because it makes them uncomfortable and those who have been victims of abuse will shy away from the subject as well because of shame or belief that it was their fault.

Tom Petty Responds to Winning 'Lawsuit' Against Sam Smith

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You may or may not have heard that Tom Petty recently won a lawsuit against rising star Sam Smith.

It was alleged that Smith’s Grammy nominated single ‘Stay with Me’ was more than a bit similar in melody to Tom Petty’s “I Won't Back Down”.

Beauty Corner: $5 off Any Purchase from Crave Naturals on

I love getting discounts and extending them to you guys. This time around our friend’s at Crave Naturals is offering $5 off their already great prices. They’re items are available on Amazon so, if you have Prime you know what that means, FREE SHIPPING. Plus, you’ll get it quickly.