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Interview w/DJ Clark Kent


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Craft Corner: Acrylic Paint Sets by Ander Blake Co - Review

I always wanted to learn how to paint. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty impressive with paint by number sets but freehand painting has never really been my strongest skill in the craft department.

Beauty Corner: Setting Makeup and Reviving Color with evian® Spray (Review + Giveaway)

evian® Spray gives off a soothing fine mist that feels like a private at home beauty and spa treatment.

Most people are familiar with evian, a trusted and very popular brand of spring water. What people might not know is that they’ve taken a leap into the beauty product realm with their new evian spray.

I had a chance to test it so let me fill you in.

I’ll start by saying that when I received the evian spray my first reaction was ‘Why do I need a fancy water spritzer’. I went ahead and tried it the next day and have been using it ever since.

I sprayed the evian directly on my face after a shower. I kind of held back thinking that it would feel cold on my skin but, it was a soothing fine mist that felt like I was getting a private at home beauty and spa treatment. I instantly felt pampered.

I waited a bit and patted my face a little bit before applying my moisturizer which went on mush smoother than it had when I wasn’t using the spray.

With each misting, evian® Brumisateur® (Brew-meez-ah-tour) Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray helps hydrate, tone, and soothe all skin types including sensitive skin.  French women, famous for their beauty savvy, have long depended on the special benefits of evian® Brumisateur® as part of their daily skin care regime.

I applied my makeup (I don’t wear much just mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipstick) and headed to work. I made sure to put the bottle in my bag to use mid-day since I would be going out later in the evening. I wanted to see if it would be enough to use the spray as a refresher rather than having to re-apply the makeup. 

By this point the only awkward part was the size of the bottle versus my small bag. The 5 oz bottle I received is a good size for my gym bag but a little too big for my handbag.

The spray did the job and I only had to reapply my lipstick which came off naturally from licking my lips and from eating. I felt like I was getting yet another spa treatment. Oh yes, I am very spoiled now with my evian spray and you should take a moment to see what that really feels like by ordering one of your own. The evian® Facial Spray is available in a 1.7 oz travel size which is what I need, 5oz and as a three-pack.

For more information or to purchase visit and follow them onFacebook.

Oh, by the way, you know I’m always looking out for my readers. Well, this time evian has joined me in looking out and hooking you guys up with a little bitty giveaway. They’re picking 20 winners so don’t hesitate. You can enter to win below . Good luck and let me know what you think.

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Kids Corner: Natural Peel Off Nail Polish by Play Love Laugh --Review

Play, Love Laugh nail polishes with fruits & vegetables are perfect for your kids to have fun and play dress up without worrying about harsh chemicals.

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Fitness Corner: Forever Cool Instant Cooling Towel Review


Fitness Corner: Forever Cool Instant Cooling Towel Review
How many of you have been working out and really need to feel that cold compress on your neck or even to just rub your face?

Yes, I’m raising my hand because I am one of those people which is why I really wanted to test out the Forever Cool Instant Cooling Towel.

Now, I’ll start by saying that I’m constantly trying to cool off in the gym. When I’ve worked out outside I’ve gotten to the point of almost passing out and the only thing that’s worked is a splash of water on my next.

With the ‘Forever Cool Instant Cooling Towel’ you shouldn’t have that issue.

You wet it and it stays well and good bu, one of the things my athletic friends have an issue with is that they have a towel that is wet but, eventually it gets warm and doesn’t work.

You won’t have this issue with this towel. It fits perfectly whever you may need.

This is for my workout people. I take that back, this is for my beginning workout folks. It’s for everyone who wants to have fun yet works out seriously.

To purchase ‘Forever Cool Instant Towel’ visit:

I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” 

4 Tips to Restfully Sleep Through Daylight Savings Time

Do you find yourself dragging for days after daylight savings time sweeps through and steals an hour? Here are some tips to help you adjust.

Everyone seems to love when the winter rolls around and the clocks go back an hour. Yes, it’s a sign the it will get darker earlier and that winter is about to smack us in the face but, alas we get that extra hour to either play or sleep. Most of us use it to sleep.

Which is why when it comes time to leap forward and set the clock up one  hour we tend to groan and complain. Who wants to lose an extra hour of sleep? I know I don’t. Yes, it will be lighter for a longer period of time and it’s a clear benchmark that spring will soon be here but, it still sucks to lose an hour.

Most of us use that ‘spring ahead’ time to get all of the basic things in order around the house. That’s when we check all the smoke alarms and make sure the batteries are new and fresh and that are fire extinguishers are up to par but, we tend to neglect adjusting to sleep. That’s because we really don’t know how.

Try as I might I still feel worn out for almost a week after losing that hour.

Sleep Number conducted a survey and has come up with some great tips to help us all adjust to Daylight Savings so not only do they have amazing pillows and mattresses to help us sleep comfortably through the night, they’ve taken the time to create some helpful hints to make sure we enjoy our sleep to the fullest and are well rested despite losing that hour.

They’re really great suggestions, especially the one about putting down your screens. I’m guilty of keeping my phone right next to the bed and checking even if I stir awake for a few minutes. I’m going to follow these tips and I’m also going to share them with you guys so you too can sleep like a baby:

4 Tips to Restfully Make it Through Daylight Savings Time

15 more minutes According to new national sleep survey from Sleep Number, over half (54 percent) of the respondents don’t feel they are getting enough sleep to be at their best. And when we lose an hour of sleep due to DST beginning, that sleep loss is even more evident. To make the time adjustment easier, don’t boil the ocean; start going to bed 15 minutes earlier than the night before… do this for 3-4 days.

Live in the future. On Saturday, live your life as if it's already an hour ahead. For example, drink your last cup of coffee at 11 am (because that is really noon). Since caffeine has an approximate half-life of 6 hours, you don’t want to consumer caffeine after noon as it may impede your sleep.

Put down the screens. Survey results indicate that people who use devices in bed are more likely to feel they don’t get enough sleep (51 percent). Always make a screen-free zone about an hour before bedtime, which gives the eyes and mind time to relax before getting shut-eye (and allows the sleep hormone melatonin to trigger sleepiness). People in the Western region of the U.S. are the biggest tech-in-bed offenders, with 66 percent of respondents bringing devices to bed.

Monitor sleep to improve it. Fifty-eight percent of people wish they knew more about how to improve the quality of their sleep, yet only 16 percent actually monitor their sleep (versus 41 percent who track exercise and 43 percent who track diet). And, women are more likely to focus on improving their sleep compared to men. Sleep Number’s SleepIQ technology offers a simple solution to those who want to know better sleep.  

What do you think of the tips? Are you going to use them? Whatever you decide make sure  you rest well. Night Night. For more information visit:

Health & Fitness: BODYARMOR Sports Drinks Add Flavor to Your Workouts (Discount Coupon)

Let’s talk about beverages that we drink while we’re working out. Specifically sports drinks. I know often they say water, water and more water but, in reality I like a little flavor and tend to enjoy a sports drink after a workout because they’re refreshing and also because the flavor is like an added treat.

Vanabode : Learn To Travel on Just $20 a Day (Review)

How often do you say, “I need a vacation!” I personally said it just the other day as I looked at pictures my friend was sending me from the carnival in his homeland of Trinidad. It was 5 degrees here in New York City as I looked at those pictures. But, then I looked at my bank account and realized an impromptu get away vacation is not in my budget.

Home & Garden: Francois et Mimi Hammock Two-Tier Fruit Bowl Review

Let’s talk about fruit bowls and bananas. Yes, fruit bowls and bananas. Remember growing up, your mom had that big clear plastic fruit bowl that had the raised fruit designs around it. You know what I’m talking about. If your mom didn’t have one then your aunty or grandma had one.

It seemed like every house I went to had one of those fruit bowls and they were cool and I guess the in thing at the time but, what about the bananas? Where did they go? They always seemed to sit so awkwardly at the top or we would separate them and try to strategically arrange them around the outside. They’d still fall off and no matter how hard you tried it they still looked like they were just plopped on top with nowhere else to go.

That’s why I’m so happy that Francois et Mimi created not only a beautiful looking fruit bowl but, one that takes the banana into consideration.

The Francois et Mimi Hammock Two-Tier Fruit Bowl is made of iron and I love it. I think it would make a great wedding or housewarming gift or that new table center piece to accent your next dinner party. It’s also compact enough to fit on a kitchen counter even in a small apartment. Height wise it’s approximately 14”.

This is one of those pieces that if you walk into a store or into someone’s house and see it, you’ll want to have it even if you don’t eat fruit. 

The two-tier hammock design makes it look like an elegant piece of art by itself and when you add the fruits it makes any kitchen look like something out of a high-end home decor magazine but without the high-end price since it’s only $24.99.

The basics:
Made of Iron
Two-Tier to hold more fruit
Made to last
Comes in beautiful gift box
Efficient Storage for Fruits and Vegetables
Small Footprint for More Counter-Top Space

You can purchase your Francois et Mimi HammockTwo-Tier Fruit Bowl conveniently on
I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Beauty Corner: Glow 2 Go Self-Tanning Towelettes Review

Do you use sunless tanners? I’ve never used one for many reasons for a few reasons: