Lili Roquelin on Her New Album “Beautiful Sun” & Success as an Independent Artist

I’m not afraid to share my emotions in my songs...
I like to move people through my music.

The music business is a tough business. It takes talent, passion and a whole lot of patience to deal with the daily ups and downs. There are so many artists competing for a chance to be heard and noticed. Just look at the sea of people that show up to audition for American IdolThe Voice and even America’s Got Talent filling up entire stadiums to get a chance to show and prove that they are the best. These shows spend weeks airing the audition process alone before we even see the very few who make it through to the final phase of the competition.

In an industry with a thousand promises at every corner and a thousand more promises unfulfilled at each turn, Lili Roquelin has managed to pack up her talent, passion and patience and make her way through the madness to begin building a successful music career.

It probably helped that she knew from a very young age that she wanted to be a singer. A talented vocalist, musician and songwriter, Lili was determined as a teenager to move to the United States from the south of France where she was born and raised to pursue her musical dreams. She did just that.

At a Future of Music event recently,Grammy winning producer Devo Springsteen (Kanye/John Legend) mentioned that to be successful in the music industry,

independent artists should align themselves with the right people. At the same event Michael Schneider from Bandpage touched on Crowdfunding and online fundraisers as useful tools for independent artists .

Believe in your music. That’s your best selling point when you talk to people.

Lili used both of these methods to help launch her career. Recruiting the right people to record her self -titled EP and using online fundraisers to secure the funds needed to complete the project which won her 2009 Honorable Mention at the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, for her song “Blues Alone”.

More success soon followed with her songs being featured on television programs including the Lifetime TV hit series “Dance Moms"

That’s pretty impressive for an independent artist. Opportunities like that are easier to accomplish with the backing of a major label pushing and promoting your music but, Lili is an example to other unsigned artists that you don’t necessarily need to be signed to a major label to reach those goals or to get ahead in the industry.

She suggests that other independent artists looking to have their music placed should, Make sure that your songs are broadcast quality. Try to meet people in the film or TV industry and just network. Believe in your music. That’s your best selling point when you talk to people.”

For her new album, “Beautiful Sun” which she describes as a Sonic Blast”, Lili composed and arranged all of the music and once again used the tried and true formula of recruiting the best by collaborating with Grammy winning mixing engineer Marc Urselli  and Roman Vail, mastering engineer at JLM Mastering Studios (Moby, Sinnead O’ConnorThe Black Crowes).

As for what she’s hoping listeners get out of the album she says, “Overall the songs have to have a very positive message and I like to let my listeners interpret the lyrics how they want. I’m not afraid to share my emotions in my songs and I do get straight to the heart of the listeners. I like to move people through my music.”

Thank You”, the latest single from the ‘Beautiful Sun” album is a testament to Lili’s voice and songwriting skills having the ability to move people. On writing the song she shared” It is about an awakening I had about the power of gratitude in life in general, I hope it inspires others as well.”  It’s such a beautiful song and truly as inspiring as she hoped it would be.

Lili is currently promoting Beautiful Sun with shows across the USA. As for what's next for her career, she says she would love to have a song featured on Grey's Anatomy or a Tim Burton movie.Her dream is to collaborate with Thom York of Radiohead and she's even open to collaborate with a hip hop artist if the right opportunity comes along.

There’s always the question of what it takes to be successful in the music industry. There's no definitive answer since everyone's path is different. Lili Roquelin's path is leading the way for her star to continue to rise and can serve as a blueprint to artists looking for direction on where and how to begin their journey to their music aspirations.

For more information on Lili Roquelin and where she'll be performing visit her website.
Beautiful Sun is available on Itunes.

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P.S. Dance Moms is one of my favorite shows. Watch Abbey Lynn’s girls perform a group number to Lili Roquelin’s Blues Alone.