MTV VMA Highlights plus New Music From Tanya Morgan, Bridge City Hustle & Greek

The MTV VMAs made their way through Brooklyn last night and like the days of Madonna grinding on the floor and Prince performing in backless pants the key ingredient of the night was to be over the top and the artists did not disappoint.

There was a lot going on throughout the show and there’s plenty of animated gifs and memes making their way around the internet this morning featuring Lady GagaMiley Cyrus, Rhianna, Taylor SwiftWill Smith's clan and ginormous fuzzy bears to help you take it all in so, I’ll just focus on my three highlights of the night:

3. Richard Simmons Photo Bombing the Red Carpet – Yes, that was a highlight for me. Richard Simmons was in Brooklyn on the red carpet at the MTV VMAs doing yoga. He was there to spread love and kiss Katy Perry's hand and just be Richard. Seeing him in person would have been worth it for me to go stand outside the Barclay Center.

2. Justin Timberlake Mini Concert – I was nodding off a bit up until that point. I even joked on twitter that I loved Justin but, his performance was coming off a bit yawn worthy which was the complete opposite of my reaction. The entire Barclay Center and my living room seemed to get a spark of life when he came on.

If you sneezed you may have missed him and NYSYC reuniting to sing “Bye, Bye, Bye”. JC Chasez tried to extend his moment in the spotlight by doing a riff at the end of their performance. I thought that was going to lead to another NSYNC song but, Justin hopped off the stage and carried on with his solo performance.

1. Kanye West “Blood On The Leaves” Performance – The simplicity of blacking out the lights. The only visible images were his silhouette and the background image which Kanye explained on his site was a photo called “LynchingTree” taken by London born artist, photographer and director Steve Mcqueen which depicts a tree in New Orleans where slaves were hung and buried.

Ye’s performance wasn’t colorful, bright or in your face but it was powerful which made it my favorite of the night. I agree with Mrs. West.
I just want to add that his performance has also inspired me to try some new dance moves in the club.

Now that the VMAs are out of the way, I’ll leave you with some new music. Hopefully these artists can make their way across an award show stage next year:

I’ve been a fan and friend of Tanya Morgan since day one. It’s been great to see their star rise through the years and to see them grow as artists. This new single is from their upcoming album Rubber Soul which will be out on 9/24:

♫ Tanya Morgan - Pick It Up ♫

Bridge City Hustle is new a soul/rock band from Brooklyn. If you haven’t heard of them, get familiar. I love their new single “I Wanna Love Ya". Take a listen and let me know what you think.

♫ Bridge City Hustle - I Wanna Love Ya ♫

Greek is another talented up and coming artist. This single ‘Lose Myself’ featuring Gaetano is a fun clubby song from his upcoming album ‘Rear Views’:

♫Greek - Lose Myself ft. Gaetano♫

Enjoy your Monday & your week and please don't hesitate to share your comments below! 
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