Relax People, Jack Nicholson Is Not Retiring From Hollywood (Video)

Everyone take a deep breath and chill. It's going to be okay.

The internet, twitter, and the world at large were up in arms when Radar Online reported that Jack Nicholson was retiring and leaving Hollywood behind. Not Jack. Anyone but Jack, please.

It was being reported that his age, 76, and memory loss were a factor in his decision. His last acting role was in the 2010 movie ‘How Do You Know’ alongside Reese Witherspoon and that since that role he has quietly retired.

Reps for the Oscar winning actor are saying it’s hogwash. Jack hasn’t retired and is actively seeking out movie roles. His good friend Maria Shriver even told EOnline that Jack’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Check this Newsbreaker clip for the inside scoop: 

I’m glad that’s all cleared up. Jack Nicholson is not retiring. Ben Affleck is still, however, indeed playing Batman.

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