Our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide Launch Party Post!!

The Rain Dazed Entertainment Elves have been working really hard to put together our Holiday Gift Guide and it's finally here.

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We have a lot of great gift suggestions to share with you. 

Here's a sample of what's to come:

I’d like to take this time to thank all of the companies that have contributed their products to make this gift guide the most amazing gift guide on the planet.

Together we will make everyone’s holiday wishes come true.

I thought long and hard about what would be the first item I’d share with you.

The memory of being a kid and going through the JCPenny catalog with my sister is what prompted me to do a gift guide in the first place.

Add to that the fact that this blog originally started because of my passion for music.

Naturally I  went with something that has been a part of me since childhood coupled with my love of music so,  I present our first gift suggestion:

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Wait, where’s the party you ask? Well let’s celebrate together by doing the Double Dream Hands:

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