Product Review: Get That Extra Boost With Immortal Energy

I’ve reviewed Immortal Herb products in the past and had really positive results. This latest item I received from them is no different.

Immortal Energy are said to not only give you an energy boost, they also help you to focus and increases your mental stamina to help you get through the day in a productive manner.

I do wish that I was able to at least try the product for a longer period but, was only given a 3 day sample. They recommend that you take it for at least 100 days to notice any significant difference.

I didn’t drink any energy drinks while I took the samples of the Immortal Energy and felt absolutely fine. There’s no caffeine so I didn’t feel jittery but,  I also didn’t feel like I needed any type of extra boost throughout the day like I usually do.

I didn’t take them long enough to notice if it helped with my focus and in keeping me calm like I instantly felt with their Total Nutrition product but, I’m guessing that since they’re basically made from the same ingredients that it taken for a longer period of time, I would notice a difference.

Here are the benefits of Immortal Energy:

Contains No Caffeine

GMO Free, Gluten Free and 100% Organic

Promotes Optimum Muscular Function

Promotes Healthy Immune System Function

Contains Herbs with Adaptogenic Properties

What are Herbs with Adaptogenic Properties?

They are herbs that help the body to adapt to physiological and environmental stresses.

So basically, they help to calm you down which is good for someone like me because I can be a bit hyper sometimes and coffee and other drinks with caffeine in them just amp me up too much sometimes.

The whole Immortal Herb family of vitamins are healthy  supplements you can incorporate in your daily regime for a nice boost.

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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