Life On Record: A Keepsake CD With A Personal Touch Makes The Perfect Gift

My family is huge. Growing up it was so much fun to hang with all of them.

With so many family members there was always a birthday, baby shower, wedding or just regular party to get all of us together to celebrate and spend time together.

But, as I got older our family spread out with some leaving New York altogether to head to Florida, Ohio and other states.

The family gatherings continued but, just grew smaller and smaller as the years went on.

I remember one year to mark my aunts 60th birthday a group of us got together to video tape happy birthday messages. We were limited to how many people could make it to my other aunt's house to actually record a message and of course there was no editing or sorting of the messages but, it was a wonderful gift that she cherished and loved.

The minute I saw Life On Record, my first thought was, ‘I wish we had this back then’.

Life on Record is such a great concept and a truly thoughtful and unique gift. Anyone who receives it will be thrilled.

What is Life On Record and How Does It Work?

Life on Record is a cd filled with well-wishing messages for the recipient whether it be their birthday, an anniversary, wedding, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Graduation or just because.

It allows friends and family to call in from wherever they are on the globe and leave a message for the person who is going to receive the cd as a gift.

Life on Record then takes all of the recorded messages and puts them on a cd for you based on the order you choose.

I’m in the process of creating a “Life on Record” cd as a gift but, I can’t say to whom because my family is nosey and the person will surely see it when they read my blog.

It's a brand new year so there a quite a few special occassions that will be coming up like Mother's Day, Graduations, Birthdays, Father's Day and this is the perfect gift. 

Here’s a step-by-step process from the company on how Life On Record works:

1) Calling in and recording the introductory greeting - We will provide you with a sample script to use.

2) Communicating the toll-free number out to family and friends - We will include a personalized sample communication that explains to your callers what to do and what to say. You can copy this into an email or letter, give people instructions verbally over the phone, or copy it to a Facebook page or other web site.

3) Managing the recordings on our web site - As calls come in, you will be able to listen to them on our web site, exclude any that you don't like, and sequence the recordings into your preferred order (or just keep them in the order that they were called in).

4) Ordering and personalizing the CD set. You will go back to our web site after everyone has called in, and request that we mail you the CD.  We will also give you instructions on how to make your own CDs using iTunes.

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