Happy Love Your Pet Day! We’ve Got Great Gift Ideas From Dog Hair Inc {Giveaway}

Everybody loves their pets. I have two female cats, Twyla and Xena. They don’t always love each other or us for that matter but, we sure love them.
Xena & Twyla

They are annoying sometimes but, I can’t imagine life without them.

Twyla doing what she does best....Nothing
Xena in a rare festive mood.
I don’t know their actual birthdays since we took each of them in from other people but, that’s okay because I can celebrate them today since it’s


What better way to celebrate your pet than with some cool gifts.

I got these adorable collars from Dog Hair Inc. They sell small and large collars and other accessories for cats and dogs.

I saw the Pacman collar and had to have it for my cat Twyla. I tried to take a picture with her in it but, she’s being a little camera shy.

They also sent me a cute Kitty Cat collar for my other cat Xena so she wouldn’t be jealous. Xena’s not camera shy she’s just completely anti-social.

Dog Hair Inc collars are 100% handmade which I think is amazing because they’re crafted so well and they’re so sturdy.

All the pop culture collars like Batman, Pacman and Live Long and Prosper are part of their "SayGRRR to Cancer" line with portions of the sales benefitting the Canadian Cancer Society.
These are really cool collars so you should check them out and love your pet, donate to the Canadian Cancer Society and support a small business all at the same time.

Oh, one more thing. You may have noticed that there were 3 collars in the photo above but, I said I only have 2 cats. That’s because Dog Hair Inc. loves your pets too and they’re gifting the Batman collar to one of my lucky readers for their dog.

Enjoy, good luck and happy shopping.

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PS. Post a picture of your pet in the comment section to show us how much you love them. Give them some shine!

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